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im jay and im trash yoshi gang 2k14

i have 10 bucket hats and only own nike socks and make $5 off music i make that my mom buys please love me ur not like the other girls at recess ill share my juice box with u!!!!! i only shit my pants 2 times a day cause im a baby!!!!!


jay nighthooker only has one expression 

this is too true !!!!



Don’t ever sleep on Zendaya

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walgreens is WHACK they have no yoshi plushies but they have other characters smh 


Q: gross where do you work???

walgreens luckily we were already closed but still it was nasty af 

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last night i saw TWO cockroaches at work like within 15 minutes of each other and it was so gross like honestly they were huge as fuck and nasty as hell i aint about that life